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COMMUNITY FUTURES AGM will be Sept. 25 at 3:30pm. Public is invited to attend in-person (Nelson) or by video. For details email info@futures.bc.ca

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ATTENTION SEAN GRIFFITHS UNITS 505 & 506: This is notice that your storage unit at West Kootenay Self Storage will be emptied as of Sept. 19, 2023 if we don’t receive payment in full by Sept. 19, 2023, 5pm.

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DID YOU KNOW… Pennywise ad payments (cash or cheques) can be dropped off at And More Second Hand Store, 1398 McQuarrie St, Trail during regular store hours. Questions? Call 1-800-663-4619. Thank you, Pennywise.

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ALL ‘PERSONALS’ ADS ARE FREE: Looking for a card playing companion? Someone to hike or walk with? Your personal ad will run for free! If you are 60+ it will also run in the Discover 65 Seniors Magazine. Call 1-800-663-4619 or email info@pennywiseads.com to...

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NEED A FEW MORE? COME AND GET the West Kootenay Go & Do & WK Vacation Map. They can be picked up in Kaslo at the Pennywise Office #209-302 Fourth St. Call ahead so we have them in the shed! Call 1-800-663-4619 or 250-353-2602.