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BODY ENERGETICS HOLISTIC THERAPIES – Shelagh Smith. Craniosacral therapy, energy healing and myofascial work to relieve pain from repetitive strain, injury and restricted patterns. Reduced rates for children. Kaslo, 250-353-3477.

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GLASS HOUSE OPTICAL: 701 Front St, Nelson, 250-354-3937, and Unit 2, 688 18th St, Castlegar, 250-365-2026. Free sight testing at both locations.

216 Pennywise

GRATITUDE MASSAGE: Relax on a amethyst crystal Biomat that emits Infrared rays while you have a Deep Tissue, Relaxation or Hot Stone Massage. As well Cupping Therapy or Reiki. Laurie at 250-219-9908, Kaslo Studio.

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NEUROFEEDBACK NELSON, 507 Baker. Neurofeedback addresses problems of brain dysregulation including concussion, anxiety-depression spectrum, attention deficits, behaviour disorders, stroke, various sleep disorders, headaches, PMS, emotional disturbances, seizures, ADD and autism spectrum. 10yrs experience working with Neurofeedback. Call/email for more info, 250-825-0105, Certified by EEG Institute,

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REGISTERED MASSAGE THERAPY: Joli Guthrie RMT, MSP available. By appointment. 250-353-7605, Kaslo.

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