Through October this year, the Nelson and Area Elder Abuse Prevention Program (EAPP) activities are transitioning. The volunteers who founded and operated EAPP since 2008 would like to thank all the community groups, individuals, BC Community Response Network, financial institutions, churches, law enforcement agencies, public media and designated government agencies who have worked alongside EAPP to provide information, support and advertising for our Program and events.

The community education elements of the Program are being taken on by the Nelson Library and Seniors First BC.  Two workshops have already taken place with good attendance at the Library. Advertising for these events is available in the Nelson Library Home Page/ Newsletter.

The Advocacy Centre, 250-352-5777 is assuming the role of providing information, support and referrals for individuals who suspect they are witnessing or personally experiencing neglect or abuse – financial, physical, psychological, or sexual.

The Personal Advance Planning Program will continue to offer education and support at the Seniors Coordinating office, 250-352-6008.  Seniors First BC also offers an Advance Planning Clinic in Nelson with access to legal support for low-income individuals aged 55 and up, 1-866-437-1940.

EAPP volunteers wish to extend a special thank you to the past and present Board Members of the Nelson and Area Seniors Coordinating Society for inviting us to operate under their Non-Profit umbrella, housing our Program and supporting us in so many ways.

Remember! No one, of whatever age, should be subjected to abusive, humiliating or neglectful behaviour.