Ever wondered what your favourite artist sounded like at the very beginning of their career? Here’s your chance to catch stellar emerging talent at the annual Year End Showcase Concert Series presented by students in Selkirk College’s Contemporary Music & Technology Program.
A March tradition on Nelson’s Tenth Street Campus, the 2024 concert series features seven nights of live entertainment on the Shambhala Music & Performance Hall stage.Criss-crossing an assortment of genres, a total 14 graduating students and their bands of peers will present unique music offerings at the intimate venue.
“So much of what we do is to prepare for the world of live performance,” says Jillian McKenna, a music industry veteran and member of the program’s faculty team. “Whether you are the sound tech, the composer or the drummer, live performance happens in the moment and then it’s gone. The exciting opportunity of these graduation showcases is for these students to put all of their learning into practice. It’s an incredibly exhilarating experience that is almost impossible to replicate in the classroom.”
An important element of program outcomes, each student is required to put an individual show together from concept to when the stage lights dim. Students write the songs or develop the arrangement for cover songs, pull the band together, consult with peers on lighting and sound, promote the show and make it happen on the night of their performance. It’s the ultimate test of the two-year program and the community is invited to see the results.
Each night of the Year End Showcase Concert Series features two graduating students, each putting on a 30-minute set. The schedule, genres and performers are as follows:
• March 21: Sera Kate (contemporary composer) & Anna Isabella (indie pop)
• March 22: Ben Warkentin (progressive rock) & Yeshua Arcos Martinez (classical/prog rock)
• March 28: Luzura (alt pop) & Andrea Miller (electronic/live band hybrid)
• April 4: Sofia Maria (R&B soul/contemporary folk) & Karissa Hanna
• April 5: Bella Cat (soul/funk/rap/pop/Latin) & Carter Lorenz (neoclassical metal)
Doors open at 7 pm with the show starting at 7:30 pm. Admission is by donation.
“Music fans have the opportunity to see the next generation of artists as they emerge into their careers as professionals,” says McKenna, herself an active touring musician. “This series of shows is one of the most varied in terms of genre and aesthetic, and you are sure to find something you love. I encourage everyone to come hear some of these incredibly talented artists.”

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