WaterSmart Ambassador Brook Broadhurst

With temperatures on the rise, the Regional District of Kootenay Boundary is asking residents of Rivervale to be aware of watering restrictions. RDKB’s WaterSmart Ambassador Brook Broadhurst is helping residents in Rivervale reduce their water consumption and conserve H20 more effectively this summer.
“Rivervale Water Service is currently in Stage 1 of outdoor water conservation so there are some sprinkler restrictions in place to reduce the amount of water used,” says Brook. “Outdoor water use accounts for over 40% of the total water used in the Rivervale Water Service. Residents can make a big difference on the ground by booking free sprinkler assessments with me and utilizing our online resources to learn proper lawn care and get WaterSmart. By scheduling a free sprinkler assessment before July 31st, you’re automatically entered for a chance to win a hose timer and drip irrigation kit,” she adds.
Stage 1 (Normal) of the outdoor water conservation plan includes a decrease in the permitted hours, which are from 4am to 9am and 7pm to 10pm, with even numbered addresses watering on Tuesday/Thursday/Saturday and odd numbered addresses watering Wednesday/Friday/Sunday, with no sprinkler use on Monday’s. Keep in mind that this applies to lawns, trees, shrubs, and flower gardens. Watering fruit and vegetable gardens have no restrictions.
RDKB’s WaterSmart Ambassador aims to combat high seasonal outdoor water use and raise community awareness on how to prevent overwatering to achieve the local water reduction goal of 20%. Free sprinkler system assessments, for those on the RDKB’s water service, can successfully identify defects and address inefficiencies across local lawns and gardens to help meet these strategic priorities. When you book a sprinkler system assessment, it includes:
• Inspection of your yard
• Analyzation of root zone depth, thatch depth, soil type, sun exposure
• Inspection of water distribution of your sprinklers
• Check for leaky/broken sprinkler heads and pipes
Using this information, the Ambassador can determine how much water your lawn actually needs and present you with a customized watering schedule that will help to reduce your water usage and adhere to the water restrictions. This sprinkler system assessment can be completed for both manual and automatic sprinkler systems.
Some easy water saving tips for your lawn include,
1. Water in the early morning or evening
This is when evaporation from heat and wind is at its lowest; because it is cooler and calmer, the water has more time to be fully absorbed by the roots of your grass. Afternoon heat can evaporate up to 30% of the water from your sprinklers.
2. Don’t overwater
Too much is bad when it comes to watering your lawn in the heat, if you overwater too much it can lead to fungal diseases, weeds, and pests. A lawn only needs an average of 1 inch or 2.5 cm of water every week.
3. Maintain your lawn equipment
If you have a dull blade on your lawn mower, it will tear at the grass, which in turn will cause it to use 40-60%, more water to recover. Raising the mowing height on your lawn mower is also a helpful trick as it helps to shade the soil and reduce evaporation.
To schedule a sprinkler system assessment, authorize the watering of new sod/grass seed, order indoor water conservation toolkits and for any other WaterSmart and related landscaping enquiries, call 250 231 5384 or email watersmart@rdkb.com. Residents can learn about water conservation and restrictions at https://jointheconversation.rdkb.com/rdkb-watersmart