Flipping through a magazine remains a favourite pastime for folks who frequent the Nelson Public Library, evidenced by the popularity of the Library’s collection of 80 different magazine titles, from Adbusters to Zoomer.
March is Magazine Subscription Drive month, a chance for individuals, organization, and businesses to get behind the initiative—and, potentially, get their name on the cover of The Rolling Stone!
“We’ve worked hard to offer a wide range of topics,” says coordinator Heather Dahlgrin. “If you have an interest in fashion, finance, history, gardening, news—the list goes on—there will be a magazine looking for a sponsor.”
The library has 80 different magazine titles. Sponsors choose from the library’s list of magazines, pay for an annual subscription and, in return, get their name or the name of a business or organization on the front cover—and a tax receipt.
“It’s interesting that, in this digital age, physical magazines are just so popular. Sponsoring a magazine is a great way to show your friends and neighbours that you support the library,” says Dahlgrin. “Folks who prefer their magazine in digital form—and there are many!—are welcome to support our digital magazine collection through a donation as well.”
Folks interested in becoming a magazine sponsor are encouraged to drop in to the Library, call 250-352-6333, or email library@nelson.ca. Although the drive happens every March, sponsors are welcome to come on board at any time of the year.

Nelson Public Library