Keeping Fit and Connected senior’s exercise group has been active in Kaslo for 18 years. They get together each week to do some walking and exercises to help maintain physical energy and abilities during the winter months. Their goal is to maintain an active lifestyle as long as they are able and prevent slips and trips. Those with physical limitations can adapt to the class as they are able. Two of the regular participants are over 90 years of age.

 The program starts with an opportunity to walk in the hall and church, for up to 20 minutes. This is  a safe place to walk where there is no ice and snow. Retired physiotherapist, Elizabeth Scarlett, has designed a series of exercises for seniors which are led by retired nurse, Liz Ross. Exercises are begun in sitting and progress to standing behind a chair.

          The classes are held in St. Andrew’s Heritage Hall in Kaslo at 9:30 am, running until April 26, 2024. For further information contact Elizabeth Scarlett 250-353-2563 or Liz Ross 250-353-2465.