People in the Columbia Basin rely on their communities for many reasons, including being able to turn to them for protection during disasters. To boost this ability, 13 projects supported by Columbia Basin Trust aim to help communities be prepared during situations like floods, wildfires or sustained power outages.
“People and communities in the Basin have long been concerned about climate change and its consequences, and these projects exemplify how organizations are being proactive when it comes to ensuring safety when emergency situations arise,” said Will Nixon, Senior Manager, Delivery of Benefits, Columbia Basin Trust. “We’re pleased to support those who are rising to the challenges of climate change and taking steps to ensure the health and resilience of people and places.”
With 23 projects previously supported in 2021 and 2022, the Trust has provided nearly $3 million to help communities strengthen their emergency operations centres and create emergency gathering spaces for residents, with access to necessities like power, filtered air, air conditioning, emergency equipment and emergency supplies.
The Village of Kaslo is installing a back-up generator, heat pumps and an air filtration system in the local arena, which serves as the community’s emergency reception centre. It is also conducting an accessibility assessment and preparing to redevelop the arena’s kitchen.
“There is a history of devastating wildfires, floods and landslides in the area dating back to the earliest days of settlement,” said Suzan Hewat, Mayor. “The Kaslo Arena will not only serve as a safe haven for area residents during such emergencies, but will also allow our community to respond more effectively to disaster situations. By providing a secure space, reliable resources and essential amenities, we can alleviate stress and uncertainty during crises, fostering a sense of unity and resilience among our residents.”
New Denver/ Rosebery will purchase and install a back-up generator, air filtration equipment and an automatic external defibrillator for the Slocan Golf Club, which will be used as an emergency reception centre. And the Village of Slocan will purchase and install a back-up generator at the Village of Slocan office, which houses the server and communications equipment used during emergencies.

Columbia Basin Trust