The Nelson Committee on Homelessness (NCH) has had to make the very difficult decision to terminate the lease for the current Coordinated Access HUB (HUB) location at 521 Vernon Street in March 2024. Plans are underway to ensure the closure of the HUB will not affect providing services to the community.
Every effort was made to keep the doors open, however, with the end of a two-year Union of BC Municipalities (UBCM) grant and the significant decrease in federal government funding, along with the significant increased costs in rent and overhead, it is impossible to sustain the service at this location moving forward.
NCOH partners are aware that the closure of the HUB will have a significant impact on the vulnerable population, peers and front-line workers. Many people have contributed with compassion and heart to the operation of the HUB over the years it has existed; providing hundreds of people with warmth, food and health services in this community. So much appreciation goes to everyone who has contributed to this vision of many needed services under one roof.
We will continue to advocate for funding and support for a HUB program for this community. We are working diligently to find a new location that is suitable to the host the drop-in resource and referral centre with extended services that will be sustainable over the long-term. We hope that this unfortunate circumstance is a short pause in a longer-term solution for these essential services
We acknowledge that there is a lot of work to do in partnership to stand up another HUB service to which we are determined to make happen. We are requesting that NCOH’s member organizations, and the community, come together to collaborate and strategize on potential opportunities and sustainable funding sources. Please direct suggestions and strategies to Thank you for your support,

The Nelson Committee on Homelessness