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GUIDE: Preparing Images for Print with Affinity Photo

1) SAVE the original file with the original ad number on the server:
Classifieds -> INLINE ADS -> Orig…

Now, Open Affinity Photo, and create a New Document.

2) Edit the Document Setup:

Change the Document Units to be in INCHES
Change the Colour Format to be CMYK/8 and the Colour Profile as U.S. Web Coated (SWOP) v2.

Set Dimentions,
2.06 in wide
1.11 in heigh
300 DPI (dots per inch)

*For your convenience you can save this as a template to be used again for later – give it a name like, PW-print-photo.

**NOTE: if this is your first time opening Affinity Photo, you may need to quit it and open it again at this point.  A little bug I found.

3) With the new document open, simply drag and drop in the image you want to edit.  This will create a new layer you will see in the right-hand panel.

NOTE: *If you need to resize canvase on your screen,
just use the hotkey command ⌘ and + or –

**To move the canvas around, hold the spacebar, and click and drag.

4) In order to MOVE & RESIZE the image, use the Move Tool in the left-hand tool bar.  Hotkey shortcut is simply, v on the keyboard.

For resizing, use the CORNER HANDLES to click and drag.  Hold command on mac ⌘ to size it from the centre.

Finally, you can also ROTATE the image by clicking and dragging the TOP-CENTRE HANDLE.

*BE CAREFUL: Do not skew images by stretching them tall or wide. Do not grab the top or side handles to resize an image. It looks horrible!!

5) Ready to Export:

In the top menu, go to File -> Export, and choose JPEG

Save on the server:
Classifieds -> INLINE ADS ->
…and choose the most recent CMYK folder.  Make sure to name the file like all the others, with the ad number + CMYK and NO SPACES; to ensure it loads to the web properly.

Naming convention eg.