Staff Dashboard

GUIDE: Posting Display Ads to

1) Make sure you are logged into the website. then locate the Classified Sections menu.

2) Go to the section needed, and then locate and click the ‘Enable Visual Builder’ button in the TOP MENU.

3) After the page reloads, you will be in EDIT mode.  Now hovering your mouse over different sections of the page, shows a surrounding box.  Find the Display Ad carousel, and click on it to reveal some options.

Now, in the newly visible options – click the little GEAR icon.


4) Now a new pop-up should have opened, the ‘Divi Carousel Settings’.  In this module you will be able to ‘Add New Item’s which are the slides in the carousel.

By clicking the GEAR icon on the left side of each item you can edit the items contents.

To the right of the gear icon, is the DUPLICATE icon. This can help speed up your process when adding multiple slides. 

5) In the Item Settings:

Under the Main Content – add your title

Under Image settings – add your image and make sure ‘Open in Lightbox’ is set to YES.

*If you’re wanting to add a web link – under Button Settings, paste your URL, give your button a title, and make sure the URL Opens ‘In the New Tab’

When done, click the green checkbox in the bottom right of the Settings window to save the slide. Then click the green arrow AGAIN to save and close the Settings window.


6) Save the page:

Looking to the TOP menu again, now you want to ‘Exit Visual Builder’.

And then ‘Save & Exit’.