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1) Guide for Posting e-Subscriptions:

After combining the PDFs into booklets you should save them again as a ‘Reduced File Size’ PDF.  Then give each file it’s proper naming convention, as follows:

e-Subscriptions PDF File Naming Convention:

Trail/Beaver Valley DATE.pdf

Nelson/Salmo DATE.pdf

Kootenay Lake:
Kootenay Lake DATE.pdf

Castlegar/Slocan Valley DATE.pdf

2) Post PDFs to

Login to

In the top right corner, locate the *’upload’ icon.



…and name each upload with the proper naming convention, as follows: 

e-Subscriptions Yumpu Upload Naming Convention:

DATE, Pennywise – Trail, Beaver Valley

DATE, Pennywise – Nelson, Salmo

Kootenay Lake:
DATE, Pennywise – Kootenay Lake

DATE, Pennywise – Castlegar, Slocan Valley

3) Add descriptions to each upload in Yumpu:

For the sake of consistancy and Search Engine Optimization, provide descriptions for each Edition using the following conventions:


Yumpu Upload Description Convention:

Complete coverage of Trail, Fruitvale, Montrose.

Complete coverage of the City of Nelson, Blewett, Taghum, Ymir & Salmo.

Kootenay Lake:
Total coverage from the Nelson bridge to Kaslo and the area north. Plus East Shore; Kootenay Bay to Gray Creek.

Total coverage of the City of Castlegar, Genelle, South Slocan, Crescent Valley, Thrums, Slocan Park, Winlaw and Slocan.

4) Publish and Embed each to the PW website:

Going into the Posts on the website:

Clone the previous weeks posts for ease of editing, changing the name to mach the date.  

Finally, go into each new post and replace the old embed code with the new, and ensure the post publish date is matching the edition.

Create new posts on the website for each PW Edition:

– Clone the previous weeks posts

– Update each post title and ensure the date is correct

– Open each new post and replace the old embed code with new