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Guide for Posting Ads on the Website – 6 Steps

1) Sign in and Create a New Post:

First of all you need to be signed-in by going to

Once you are logged in locate the top menu, and select +New Post.

2) Paste the ad text into the content area…

Don’t write a ‘title’… skip that and just enter your ad text into the main box.

3) Select a Category:

On the far right-side you’ll see a box with a list of categories.


The easiest way to find the category you need is to use the web browsers ‘Find in Page’ tool.

Simply type, Command + F  (⌘+f) – then start typing the name of the category you need.

4) Is this a Liveload??

Finally, if it’s a Liveload ALSO choose Live Load from the Category list

Next, we want to make the post ‘sticky’.  In the ‘Publish’ box, you will need to edit the posts ‘Visability’.

Then check the box to ‘Stick this Post’.

Now hit ‘OK’


5) Add an Image:

Again, on the far right-side beneath the Categories box you will see the ‘Featured Image’ box.

After clicking ‘Set featured image’ you are taken to the media library where you can simply drag and drop the picture to upload.  

Then in the bottom right corner, hit the button to Set the featured image.


6) Save & Publish the Ad

To wrap it all up, in the Publish box, click the Publish button.