Staff Dashboard

GUIDE: Adding an Image to the Editorials

1) Once you have entered the text and set the featured image, we now want to add the image inside the article itself.

2) Simply click the Add Media button and find the image you want to include.

3) Once you have selected the image to include, ON THE RIGHT SIDE scroll down to find your ‘Alignment’ options.  You can choose to centre the image, which will push all text below it…

 OR, you can choose to align the image to the RIGHT or the LEFT, which will cause the text to wrap on the opposing side.

4) Now the image is inserted; if needed you can re-size the image by clicking it, then grabbing one of the CORNER HANDLES.

When you’re ready, just save as usual 😉


5) Finally, set a ‘Featured Image’.  This makes it look extra good on the blog feed, as you can see here – you’ll find this in the right-side menu.