Tom Wayman
The Slocan Lake Arts Council is sponsoring a writing workshop “What is Happening Here? Writing About Community.” Due to pandemic health guidelines, workshop attendance will be limited to six people, and social distancing will be observed.
“We’ll be looking at how best to capture in words the people around us, whether in the form of fiction, memoir, family history, or poems,” said workshop convenor Tom Wayman, a Winlaw writer.
Half the workshop time will be spent considering participants’ own writing, Wayman said. Registrants are asked to send five to ten pages of material they’d like considered by the workshop to him at by Friday, November 20.
The other half of workshop time will involve writing exercises and consideration of work by other authors who have written about community.
Wayman’s books about the Slocan Valley include Winter’s Skin (Oolichan Books, 2013), poems about the valley in winter, illustrated with photos by local photographers Jeremy Addington and Rod Currie. A collection of Wayman’s short fiction about the valley, The Shadows We Mistake For Love, was published by Douglas & McIntyre in 2015. His most recent volume was published in March by Harbour, Watching a Man Break a Dog’s Back: Poems for a Dark Time.
The workshop will be held November 28 and 29 at the Slocan Lake Arts Centre (formerly the Silverton Gallery) at 421 Lake Ave. (Highway 6 and 4th St.), Silverton, BC. Pre-registration is required. The fee is $60.
Slocan Lake Arts Council