Trail FAIR has received funding to develop a feasibility study around the creation of a Neighbourhood House in the community of Trail. A Neighbourhood House is developed when people in the community decide they would like to collectively create a welcoming, caring space to bring people from the neighbourhood together to work on community issues, develop services, socialize and support each other.

We welcome your participation!

One key ingredient to successful community building is to find champions – people who support the vision and are willing to donate time or other resources.  Trail FAIR will take intentional and pro-active steps to include people who represent different life experiences, abilities and identities in community building initiatives.

We are seeking members for the Neighbourhood House Advisory Table. As part of the Advisory Table, you will view presentations from our consultants during the virtual meetings and are encouraged to participate in discussions. By bringing people together who may not otherwise be in contact, we can open up new ways of thinking about and viewing the idea of creating a Neighbourhood House in Trail.  Working together as a diverse group will broaden the horizon of our planning and can often bring issues to the table that may have been otherwise overlooked.

Find out more about what is involved in being a member of the Advisory Table by visiting 

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