Climate change and extreme weather events are strengthening the call for protection and restoration of BC’s watersheds to ensure healthy ecosystems support communities with secure access to clean water.

Minister of Environment and Climate Change Strategy, George Heyman, is looking for public input to help develop a new strategy that will better protect clean water and ensure BC’s watersheds are healthy. With climate change, we know protecting our water is more critical than ever.

People can share their thoughts through an online discussion paper that outlines key themes for the development of BC’s Watershed Security Strategy and Fund until March 18, 2022.

Key themes the strategy may explore include: governance, climate change, ecosystems, drinking water, community and economic stability, and education and knowledge. Feedback from the discussion paper will be used to develop options for the strategy, which will also be informed by several ongoing projects like the Climate Preparedness and Adaptation Strategy, the coastal and salmon strategies, modernized land-use planning and the Healthy Watersheds Initiative.

The Province is committed to developing the Watershed Security Strategy and Fund with Indigenous peoples and in collaboration with local and federal governments.

To share your thoughts about development of the strategy, visit:

Written submissions can also be made by email:

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Brittny Anderson MLA Nelson-Creston