Vint and Uno

Vint and Versailles were last year’s thanksgiving dinner rescues. I got them in May as week olds and raised them in my bedroom. Versailles is reckless and bossy, Vint shy and graceful. They saw me as mom, cried when I left the room, and jumped on my lap for snuggles anytime I sat down. They wanted to be held and stroked and we watched ‘Unsolved Mysteries’ together every night. They slept in the bed with me and the cats, at 7 weeks they were bigger than the cats anyway. They’re very curious animals and took a liking to cat food and made a point of stealing it. Bagels too. Vint adopted a special place near my bedroom mirror where he could gently kiss his reflection. When they discovered that wings were meant for flapping it was a delight. Turkeys get the zoomies too – flapping to add speed but not leaving the ground. When they did finally leave the ground they always perched on my clothes rack. Certain house rules were enforced. No flying in the kitchen, no turkeys on the computer, and no pecking my face when I am asleep. (Vint finds metal piercings quite tempting). Once grown they moved to the outdoor enclosure with the bunnies. Turkeys are fully emotionally aware, and capable of happiness and suffering. I regret deeply all the turkey dinners I have ever eaten, and will never eat another. I mourn for them, these precious beautiful birds, dying by the millions this time of year. 

A message from Vint and Versailles and all the slaughter rescues at our farm. Please start a new tradition and try a plant based thanksgiving (and Christmas) alternative. We’d also love to invite you to come visit and meet our fun and friendly animal family for yourself. You can find us on Facebook: Rixen Creek Micro Farm Sanctuary

Rixen Creek Micro Farm Sanctuary