On Monday, April 25, Trail City Council unanimously voted to transition the community to 100% renewable energy no later than 2050. Trail is the 13th community in the Kootenays to commit to a healthy, safe, and secure community powered by clean and renewable energy. Way to go, Trail! 

Over the last year, I’ve connected with people across Trail around our shared hope for a renewable energy transition. Kyle lives in Trail with his family. He shared with me that summers are getting hard for his family. Last summer, the wildfire smoke worsened his wife’s asthma, and the heat dome made it dangerous for his children to play outside. His family couldn’t do the activities they love that bring them closer together. For Kyle, a renewable energy transition means more quality time with the people he loves and his family staying healthy and safe. My conversation with Kyle showed me that government action on climate change isn’t just about the environment, but about living a happy, healthy, and secure life for every family. 

I know that Kyle isn’t alone. Hundreds of Trail residents have a similar story, many are feeling the impacts of climate change already or are worried about a family member or neighbour. Transitioning to 100% renewable energy is the common-sense approach to protecting everyone against these impacts while creating a healthy community with good-paying jobs. 

Seeing the momentum in Trail keeps me hopeful. From the City’s active transportation plan to making energy-efficient upgrades to city infrastructure — the energy transition is already happening. Saying yes to a transition to 100% renewable energy just makes sense.  

Maya, on behalf your EcoSociety Team