The Whole School in Winlaw has been an independent school since 1973, created by like-minded parents who were looking for an educational solution within their community.

Since then, the school grew and today we accommodate students from kindergarten to grade 7 in a multi-age classroom setting. Not only do we follow the BC curriculum but the Whole School is attentive to  honouring each child’s social and emotional needs, inherent curiosity, imagination and enthusiasm. Helping children to recognize their own potential is essential to fostering leadership, confidence, self-esteem and a lifelong love of learning. 

Emphasis is placed on artistic expression, environmental stewardship, experiential learning, social justice and important life skills such as house chores (cleaning, cooking, etc…) and self accountability. We nurture individuals who are confident in their own potential and place in a changing world.

What makes the school unique is our Outdoor Leadership Program, where once a week (every Friday) students learn and explore the surrounding environment and nature, educating themselves on native flora and fauna. Every Friday is a different adventure and we take full advantage of the beautiful place we live in for authentic place-based learning.

Parents are highly involved and collaborate with teachers by being active volunteers and are key elements to the nurturing social climate.

Registration at the Whole School is open all year as kids that are often overwhelmed in the public school system and families find that they are better supported through our multi-aged classrooms, the methods we use to teach curriculum, and our focus on individualized learning needs over the public school emphasis on grade levels, are ideal for their children. 

To learn more, please visit our website or schedule a visit with our School Coordinator Valentina, phone 250-226-7737 / email:

The Whole School