Travis Bernhardt, acclaimed comedian, performs ‘Unscriptured’.

The Vallican Whole is very excited to welcome Travis Bernhardt, acclaimed comedian, improvisor and Fringe favourite, to perform his hit solo show ‘Unscriptured’ on Saturday, January 18.

“Travis Bernhardt never ceases to amaze. Whether he’s dropping your jaw with impossible-seeming magic or transcending you to new planes of consciousness with his delicate mentalism, Bernhardt is an intuitive and wildly talented performer”. Review from Melanie Tromp-Hoover in ‘Check the Program’, Victoria.

With ‘Unscriptured’, he eschews his usual stage magic to explore the enduring pull of collective spirituality with a spontaneously created church service. And it’s BRILLIANT.

Improvised on the spot with prompts from his audience, Bernhardt skillfully leads his makeshift congregation down a path of hymns, prayers and scripture with his trademark charm and thoughtful insight, offering pithy ideas about the human condition out of ad libbed and often hilarious responses to the environment around him.

If church is a part of your past or present, the structure of this show will feel familiar. He’s taken the best parts of public devotion – congeniality and hopefulness and joining together in song – and removed all the messy judgement and damnation bits to create a singularly joyful experience for his audience with great care and consideration.

Doors open at 7 pm and the show starts at 7:30. Tickets are available online at or at the door.

– Vallican Whole Community Centre