February – March Focus
I fell in love with Kaslo… over the phone. I can’t even tell you what year that was, but I’m thinking 2009-ish. My husband and I had been really running hard and it was time for a getaway… so I started searching online for getaways within a driveable day and found… Kaslo. I immediately called the absolutely charming Beach Gables, told the person at the other end that we wanted to book a room, she said, “Great! When would you like to book?” I told her it was for the following weekend. She laughed and said “Oh we’re booked until next year!” I paused. I said, “Please don’t take this the wrong way, but what is it about your small town that would cause you to be booked a year in advance?” This woman proceeded to speak with me for the next 15-20 minutes telling me all about Kaslo. I could not tell you exactly what she said, (I vaguely remember something about a jazz festival, the mountains??) but what I do remember … that, as she spoke, I fell in love with Kaslo… over the phone!
We actually never did visit the area until many years later. (What can I say.. Life happens!) But it was always there, in the back of my mind. Occasionally, I’d think about what life might be like living in Kaslo. And whenever I’d think about it, I felt a connection … and peace. So in late 2016, we visited for the first time; in 2017 we bought a cabin and by 2019 we were settled in our new home … in Kaslo. And in 2020 I had the honor of becoming the Chamber Ambassador for the Kaslo and Area Chamber of Commerce!
I am so very proud to represent the Chamber, and the work it has been doing for this entire area over the years; and I am proud to represent the varied businesses, entrepreneurs, professionals and non-profit organizations that make up our community.
Here’s some of what I know. Every Director on our Chamber Board has the very best interests of our area at heart and they work from a desire to do what is best for this great area in which we live and work. We have big dreams and plans for recovery, yes, but moving forward, absolutely, and we need to make sure we have the right building blocks in place!
We are looking to add to our Board of Directors. It is important that we represent the broad spectrum of what makes this region ‘tick’.
So here’s the question: Do you have a desire to make a difference in this great area that we live in and do you represent one of the following sectors: Logging/Forestry, Public Works, Non-Profit, Tourism, Agriculture, Manufacturing, Service Industry, Arts & Culture, Technology?
Or, do you represent one of the other communities in our ‘Kaslo and Area’: Ainsworth, Argenta, Cooper Creek, Fletcher Creek/Twin Bays, Johnsons Landing, Lardeau, Meadow Creek, Mirror Lake, Pineridge, Schroeder Creek, Shutty Bench, Woodbury?
If you answered yes, and you are ready to make a difference, please connect with me via email: TheKasloChamber@gmail.com to put your name forward for our new Board of Directors. Our next AGM is April 5th (to be confirmed) but we want to get our ‘duckies in a row’. Let’s make a difference … together.
~ Pat Desmeules, Kaaslo & Area Chamber Ambassador