The TB Vets Charitable Foundation has made a generous donation to Kootenay Lake Hospital Foundation to purchase a T-1 Transport Ventilator for the Emergency Room at Kootenay Lake Hospital.

As Registered Respiratory Therapist Mitch Wilkey explains, “Here in Nelson we are in a geographically challenging position when it comes to transferring patients requiring higher levels of care. Our team at KLH has to be prepared to safely manage patients on a ventilator while waiting for a transport team to arrive. Transport can often be delayed because of weather.”

KLH Nurse Manager Tav Horkoff adds, “The ease of using such an advanced piece of medical equipment empowers our staff to work alongside our Respiratory Therapists to offer great patient care in our small but mighty Emergency Department.”

TB Vets CEO, Kandys Merola acknowledges the need, “We are now in our second year of the pandemic, and although life is slowly getting back to normal, hospitals are still having to treat many COVID-19 patients, putting great pressure on the healthcare system. It is essential that we help hospitals buy new equipment that will support our province’s medical front-line heroes during the pandemic and beyond.”

Kootenay Lake Hospital Foundation