Family and friends who care for seniors can now receive care themselves. West Kootenay Boundary Caregiver Support has a phone helpline and tailored resources for friends and family that help someone 55+ with ‘higher needs’ living in the community. The aim of Caregiver Support is to ‘care for caregivers’, increasing knowledge and skills while also working with caregivers on their self care and boundaries. Preventing caregiver burnout and assisting with burnout recovery is important in our community. This support ultimately allows seniors to live better lives and stay at home longer.
Conceived by Nelson & District Hospice Society, WKB Caregiver Support is funded by a grant from United Way of the Lower Mainland. It is one of many Caregiver Programs that have been funded by the provincial government in response to the growing number of seniors. It is a companion program to Better at Home, run by Nelson CARES Society.
Cara Bradley, program manager for WKB Caregiver Support says she is proud to be supporting caregivers during this stressful time. ‘Caregivers have more to worry about with Covid. There are restrictions visiting people in the hospital and simple shopping trips can feel threatening. Caregivers need someone who listens and can help with referrals. That is always important and especially now when stress levels and emotions are high. We have community workers in Nelson, Kaslo, Grand Forks and Rock Creek but can talk on the phone with someone anywhere in the West Kootenay Boundary area. We talk to busy mothers caring for both children and an elderly parent, we talk to seniors who have a partner they care for and we talk to neighbours who are involved with caring. Caregivers come from all walks of life’.
To find out more information go to or call toll free on 1-888-212-2337.
West Kootenay Boundary Caregiver Support