Come celebrate Beltane and the art of storytelling with Lady Beastie Saturday, April 30 at the For-rest Retreat just north of Salmo, with two live shows, at 2 pm (for all ages) and 7 pm (for adults). If the weather is fair, the performances will be around a campfire, so dress appropriately and bring a chair; and if the weather’s foul, the show will go on in a yurt! 

Storytime with Lady Beastie is a two-tiered adventure! You can find her character-filled YouTube show on the Lady Beastie channel, then there’s the live show that’s a selection of savoury and sweet stories from Lady Beastie’s life that tell a broader narrative. 

As the Beastie herself says, “There is enough in the simple telling of a story and I am enough simply by telling it.” Brought to life by the award-winning artist, Lisel Forst, Lady Beastie believes that “art in itself is a rebellion these days and I am swimming into its simplicity. So much art lately seems to rely heavily on relaying a message and/or preaching; it is all coming from a good place, but it can still feel overwhelming. I wanted to do something old-school, art for art’s sake. Something new and retro, that could be done anywhere.”

Enchanted by the wonderful opportunity to present her life stories at the one-of-a-kind For-rest Retreat, operated by her childhood friend Johanna Mickle and her family, both Lisel and Lady Beastie believe that “there are many deep messages in any story. Without announcing what the ‘message’ or ‘morality’ of the tale may be, I hope the stories affect everybody differently while they spark remembrances from our own personal narratives, along with the joys and sorrows and growth we take away from just living our individual experiences.”

As a well-established actor, director and writer who has mounted massive Broadway-level hit musicals along with intimate personal triumphs, such as her upcoming poetry colouring book and a short film which won top awards in Paris, Cannes, Berlin and California, Lisel has been keeping busy blogging on her website where her live show, website and video channel are all working with each other to support one another. 

Celebrate Beltane with a Beastie! Admission by donation; For-rest Retreat, 8960 Nelson/Nelway Highway, Salmo