Data shows that on May 15, 2022, the snow pack throughout British Columbia was well above normal, ranging from 96 to 152% of normal. The West Kootenay (128%) and East Kootenay (124%) are above normal. Stations in the northern sections of the Kootenays are well above normal and may reach record values for June 1st.

In an average year, approximately 18% of the annual BC snow pack has melted by May 15th (according to data from automated snow weather stations). Due to the persistent cool temperatures delaying snowmelt and storm events contributing additional snow at higher elevations, it is estimated that only 2.6% of the total snow has melted so far this year.

Snow pack is only one factor related to freshet flood risk. Weather conditions from May through July will determine the timing, magnitude, and rate of snowmelt, where heavy rainfall events can exacerbate snowmelt driven flows. 

Province of BC