Healing is the act of coming into union with wholeness – the whole of this universe and the omnipresence of Spirit. Trauma and grief give us the impression that we are separate from Spirit, which is magnified by our pain. This fosters a sense of division that is reconciled primarily through the choices we make along the way. In the early stages after trauma, we question, “How can there be such a thing as a holy and wise universe when this can happen to me? How can both exist within the context of the whole?” This is a common human struggle, and it might initially leave us feeling abandoned or neglected by Spirit. 

What became apparent to me through time is that we cannot heal trauma without divine support. As much as we do not understand why something happened, the perspective and grace of Spirit is required for us to tackle our soul wounds. We need the omnipotent point of view of the highest consciousness of the universe to lead us. This way, the truth – I don’t know what to do, please help me with this – may be asked, spoken, and written down. This mantra, this prayer, is needed before you can fully open to what help is present. It doesn’t mean it wasn’t there before; but when you ask, you demonstrate to Spirit that you are humble and ready to receive a higher level of help. Healing becomes a conscious collaboration. Spirit responds to your questioning through sensations (prompts in your gut, heightened emotional responses, or a sense of knowing) that keep you actively participating in your healing. Sometimes you will receive messages in dreams, symbols in waking life, or visions from altered states. 

When we realize ourselves as part of something greater, we can surrender our ego and invite this power – which is sourced in love – to fuel our approach to healing. Waking up to the energy responsible for the holiness and sacredness of life helps us name ourselves as holy and sacred. We need to know that what has happened in our lives is holy and sacred – even trauma. 

One of the best ways to feel the energy of Spirit is through your relationship with Mother Earth. They are interchangeable in their capacity to guide our healing. Both are necessary. I encourage you to get outside on the land and lie down upon the Mother Earth – on your belly if possible – and breathe with her. Imagine that on your inhale, you can pull the living energy of Mother Earth up through your body, and on your exhale, you send energy out from your belly into the earth. Notice the energy of Spirit rising through. Breathe for awhile and think about your intention. As you breathe, ask for help.

Sarah Salter Kelly is sharing an inspirational talk at the Langham on September 29th as well as facilitating a four day Trauma as Medicine retreat October 13-16 at the Sentinel.

Excerpt from ‘Trauma as Medicine’ – Sarah Salter Kelly