As you know, the Board of the Kaslo Housing Society is working hard, in partnership with New Commons Development and with considerable help from BC Housing, to make our project of a new 10-unit apartment building in lower Kaslo a reality. Construction should start in the spring!

BC Housing has recently reviewed the Kaslo Housing Society’s bylaws to make sure that they are suitable to our project, and also that they align with BC Housing’s purposes and mandates. We’ve been advised to make some minor changes to our bylaws as soon as possible. 

The board of directors is calling for a Special Meeting of the membership so that we can get these changes made. (Bylaw changes must be ratified by the membership. Any motion to change the bylaws is a Special Resolution. It takes two-thirds of the membership present at the Special Meeting to pass a Special Resolution.)

The Special Meeting will take place Wednesday, February 23 at 7pm via Zoom. (For Zoom link, please email

In brief, the bylaw changes are required in order that:

  • The definition of the people who are eligible to live in the building be expanded to include people with modest incomes. (Currently it says that we only “serve” low income individuals and families.)
  • Kaslo Housing Society Directors can never by paid for their work on the project.
  • KHS cannot change its purpose without written agreement from BC Housing.
  • Should KHS decide to stop being a society, all its assets shall go to charitable organizations that have a similar purpose.

This should be a quick meeting. The bylaw changes will be the only item on the agenda, so there will be plenty of time if people have questions.

Please save the date: Wednesday, February 23. We can’t do this without you.

Kaslo Housing Society