Presented at the Selkirk College Board of Governor’s October meeting, the Campus Master Plan 2020-2035 is a detailed document that sets out a roadmap for the institution’s short and long-term outcomes.
Stating that a campus is more than a collection of teaching facilities, it presents the idea that Selkirk College is a network of people, ideas, activities and information that are the drivers of change. The document lays out a vision for a compact, animated, active and sustainable campus community.
The Campus Master Plan 2020-2035, pays special attention to actions that can be taken in the next five years at its facilities in Castlegar, Nelson, Trail, Grand Forks, Kaslo and Nakusp. Recognizing that all locations have unique features and specific needs, the plan stresses that the college continue to ensure that there is a common spirit amongst all sites that places emphasis on the student.
The action items in the plan range from smaller projects such as welcoming spaces, sustainable landscaping, enhanced transportation and improvements to technology in the classroom to major capital projects that will revitalize some of the college’s aging facilities.
With a major $23 million project recently completed at Nelson’s trades-based Silver King Campus, the focus on significant capital planning has shifted to the Castlegar Campus.
Immediate needs such as additional student housing spaces in both Castlegar and Nelson factor significantly into the college’s ability to move forward with growth in enrolment. The master plan also addresses the college’s current goal to purchase the downtown Trail building that houses its programs and other community amenities. The college leases its Tenth Street Campus from the City of Nelson, but future planning for that location is also considered a priority.
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