Do you care about your favorite swimming or boating lake? BC’s lakes and rivers are at risk from the threat of invasive species and the Invasive Species Council of BC (ISCBC) is looking for a passionate voice from BC’s youth to help raise awareness. ISCBC’s first Aquatic Youth Ambassador will star in a video to air on television and social media later this year.

To raise awareness among youth and help protect BC’s lakes and rivers from harmful invaders, ISCBC is working with Mastermind Studios, a Kamloops-based professional video production company, to create a series of short videos involving youth, like this:

Throughout March, ISCBC is reaching out to communities and school districts across the province to find the first Aquatic Youth Ambassador – a passionate voice to lead the charge and star in the next video!

“We want youth to get excited and speak out about their favourite bodies of water to help protect them from aquatic invasive species and preserve them for years to come!” comments Gail Wallin, ISCBC’s executive director. “Harmful invaders range from microscopic organisms to escaped aquarium plants. Our youth can easily play a part to help prevent their spread and maintain BC’s beautiful lakes and rivers well into the future.”

How to Apply to be BC’s Clean Drain Dry Youth Ambassador. Youth aged 7–14 years are asked to submit a short video with their answers to these questions:

– Who are you and where are you from? (please provide your contact details too)

– What are your favourite lakes, rivers and other bodies of water in BC?

– What are your favourite things to do while visiting them?

– Why are they important?

– What do you do to make sure they stay clean and healthy?

All submissions must be sent to before the end of the day on March 26, 2020 with “ISCBC Video submission” in the subject line.

Key Dates: The submission process is taking place now through March 26, when submissions will be reviewed and an ambassador chosen! The successful ambassador will star in an ISCBC stewardship video that will be aired all across the province and beyond! Filming will take place in Kamloops in April.

The Clean Drain Dry pilot initiative is lead through the ISCBC with funding by the Department of Fisheries & Oceans and under contract to the Canadian Council on Invasive Species. Learn more about provincial regulations and programs concerning invasive species, or to commit to the Clean Drain Dry program, by visiting

– Mastermind Studios