Rossland’s famous winter carnival has been around a long, long time. In fact, it’s been around so long that this year, 2021, was not the first time the Carnival has been cancelled for a pandemic! The first winter carnival was in 1898, and it ran every year until the great influenza outbreak of 1918.
In 1918, the fast-spreading influenza epidemic meant no public gatherings were allowed, so the Carnival had to be put on hold. This coincided with an economic downturn in Rossland as the mines slowly shut down. Then came the Great Depression and World War II… Finally, in 1947, the festival started up again for Rossland’s Golden Jubilee (50 years!) and had been going strong ever since.
Of course, in 1918 there was no social media and no Rossland Recreation department. Thanks Rossland Recreation for keeping the spirit of the Winter Carnival alive this year with fun activities and ways to participate at home! (See all of Rossland Rec’s offerings and more for families listed on the calendar on the Family Action Network website
We look forward to being able to have a Winter Carnival all together again next year!
Rossland Museum