It is certainly rare that a student can read a book, and then fully immerse themselves into that very fantastical story-world. 

‘Haghum School of Magical Beings’ offers youth aged 11-17 just such an experience. Students engage in Harry Potter themed activities based on JK Rowling’s award-winning, world-renown book series. While competing for the prestigious 2022 HOUSE CUP award, students rely on multi-aged team-building to achieve success. 

This year, based primarily on Book II, Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, event organizers present activities very close to ‘the real thing’, including wand-work, quests, House Elves, and Quidditch! 

All fully-registered students receive precise event info via Owl-POST in early June. Magical-school themed group activities occupy the afternoon. Students celebrate together with an evening vegetarian banquet in the Great Hall. 

This is a popular annual dress-up event used as a fundraiser for the Taghum Hall kitchen renovation project. Pre-registration required before May 15. Event is scheduled for June 18, 1 – 7pm. For more details and registration form, visit “Special Events” page at: 

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