The artist skill and technical prowess of both father and daughter are on full display in Otanimm/Onnimm (Daughter/Father), the upcoming exhibition by Terrance Houle and Neko Wong-Houle, showing at the Nelson Museum, Archives & Gallery from May 20 to August 5. The short film was created using several techniques, including dialogue, music, traditional animation, and stop-motion, as well as more unconventional approaches such as experimental DIY photography using Caffenol – coffee/vitamin C developer – and 2D rotoscoping.

Houle, throughout his career, has experimented with multiple mediums in addition to film, including painting, music, mass production, and performance. Neko, who is currently a student at Concordia University, stands to achieve her own multimedia reputation, with interests in both animation and fine art. Together, they have created a short yet powerful film that fully communicates their deep connection to one another, and lovingly explores an Indigenous daughter/father story.

“Otanimm/Onnimm can be explored through the lens of family history and relationships, as well as through the myriad techniques used throughout, which makes it a really exciting piece to have in the Gallery,” says Nelson Museum Curator Arin Fay. “This is also the first time the film has been shown in an exhibition setting – although it has been in many film festivals across North America – so we are especially excited to be hosting this wonderful story.”

Otanimm/Onnimm won a 2021 Golden Sheath Award from the Yorkton Film Festival – the oldest and one of the most prestigious film awards in Canada – when Neko was just 17 years old.  The show opens on Friday, May 19 with a reception, and runs through August 5. For more information please visit

Nelson Museum