Kootenay Native Plant Society (KNPS) launched its 2022 planting season with the help of a team of volunteers and supporters at Fort Shepherd and Syringa Creek Park in October. As part of its larger Pollination Pathway Program, KNPS aims to plant 13 sites with more than one million native plant seedlings and seeds including Showy Milkweed, Pink Fairies and Brown-eyed Susans to support pollinating insects in our region, including the red listed Monarch butterfly. During this active time of year, KNPS celebrates the good work being done by partners and is issuing a Call to Action to communities at large. 

More details (including where to buy pesticide free native plants) can be found at www.kootenaynativeplants.ca or on their Facebook or Instagram pages or emailing by info@kootenaynativeplants.ca