The West Kootenay’s Francophone Association (AFKO) presents Franc Ouest, a new podcast featuring intimate and captivating stories from some of the region’s most extraordinary francophones and francophiles. Even though the official launch will take place on June 24, the first four episodes are available now on Apple Podcast & Spotify! Listen to the podcast now to take a journey into the heart of the West Kootenay and be charmed by the inspiring people who live there.

Season 1: Francophonie Sauvage (Wild Francophonie)

The first season, Francophonie Sauvage, promises compelling, original and unfiltered content. The guests of the podcast host Patrick Lac speak about their unique experiences and the reasons why they are inspirational figures for many people. Each episode is, for the host, “a profound encounter with people who have lived a lot and have a lot to teach us”. Throughout the first season, meet inspiring people who will captivate you, like Mia Noblet, world slackline champion;  Alex Pilon, Nelson’s LGBTQ+ ambassador and drag queen, Stéphanie Gauvin, renowned painter from Rossland; Sonia Ratté, and chef-entrepreneur of the popular La Baguette bakery in Revelstoke.

Franc Ouest is not just about amazing French people and francophiles! Several controversial but important topics are discussed throughout the podcast episodes: gender diversity, Indigenous and racialized peoples, extreme sports, youth entrepreneurship and so many more!

Patrick Lak, AFKO