EduCanNation (ECN), a Cannabis Education Not-for-Profit Organization, proudly received the Best Cannabis Educator of the Year award at the 2023 CannExpo, Enercare Centre in Toronto, Ont. This award represents a lot of hard work behind the scenes that often does not get recognized in the world of censorship and stigma.

ECN Executive Director and co-founder, Stacy Bobak shares: “It was such an honour to be nominated! After building this nonprofit for three years, the support we have gained from our community warms our hearts beyond belief. We thank all of our supporters for voting for us! As the Association for Certified Cannabis Educators, we share this award with ALL of the Cannabis Educators working hard to share the facts about cannabis (including our fellow nominees).”

ECN Board member, Terese Bowors, is from Nelson, BC. She offers online cannabis coaching and in-person cannabis education through Selkirk College Continuing Education Program. Terese is honoured to receive this award along with her fellow ECN members.

About EduCanNation

EduCanNation is a collaboration of Cannabis Educators across Canada whose mission is to provide the highest standard of responsible cannabis education for consumers and health practitioners. For membership information, visit

About CannExpo

Rev. Kelly Addison, CannExpo’s Award Organizer, shared that including Cannabis Education as an award category shows the importance and the need for it with all that we do. Cannabis Educators are the seed planters, the pioneers, and the historians who want to break the ground, change the language, and save lives. As the Award Organizer, she included this award to highlight the areas in the Cannabis Industry that don’t often get the light shone on them.

CannExpo is an inclusive, forward-thinking business who sees value in representing all areas of the Cannabis space, they supported and celebrated each of these categories. Cannabis Educators feel a call and a need to tell others about this plant which has been locked in chains for far too long. Educators see the science, they see the proof, they have the knowledge and they won’t sit down. We hope this award inspires everyone to keep learning and teaching.