In spite of COVID isolation Spacefood, a local, multi-genre music producer, audio engineer, and Ableton Live instructor has created unique opportunities for aspiring composers and producers to learn and collaborate online. During every interaction, Spacefood’s upbeat and playful attitude sets an open and welcoming tone for his thorough 1-on-1 online coaching sessions; Tailored lessons encompass the entire production process from composition, to sound design, mixing to mastering.
The internet is overflowing with high quality, pre-recorded content about music production software. You can find any answer to any question you ask a search engine. But as a new producer, how do you know what questions to ask? What language do you use? This barrier can create just enough resistance to prevent a future sound wizard from taking their first step into a much larger world (of music production).
Give yourself a break; Learning music production doesn’t have to be hard.
It’s not common to have access to a living mentor in something as specific as music production and composition. Usually, these types of opportunities are shrouded behind layers of indirect coaching and slow feedback. Realtime coaching with Spacefood is a chance to be heard and receive immediate feedback, guidance, and encouragement every step of the learning process.
“No book or tutorial video has been anywhere near as helpful as checking in regularly with a real person who is genuinely delighted to see me succeed with my productions. I highly recommend working with Aaron!” – Garett (Techno/Synthwave producer)
How does the collaboration aspect come in?
Students master a specific music production workflow that enables them to collaborate seamlessly with other Spacefood pupils. After a student has grasped this workflow, they are welcomed into weekly multi-member collaboration and feedback sessions. With this workflow technique, each participant regularly will complete a full song after just two hours of work! The remaining hour of the collaboration jam is spent doing a sort of ‘Show and Tell’. Participants can practice their constructive feedback skills and have their music reviewed in return. This is an excellent opportunity to regularly network with other like-minded producers and strengthen rapid creative decision-making skills!
For as long as there is space available, Spacefood is accepting new students and offering a free 1-hour trial session via ZOOM. Anyone interested can learn more and book a lesson at