A still from the film Alhgoh ‘uts’ut’en

Living Lakes Canada has been working internally to learn about Indigenous knowledge systems with Michele Sam, a Ktunaxa scholar and consultant. This includes the development of the “Indigenous-led Water Relationships within the Columbia Basin” webinar series that will be taking place through August 2021. 

LLC would be pleased for your participation in this important work of truth and reconciliation – registration will be opening soon and more information can be found here. Please save the date!

And if you haven’t already watched our short film Alhgoh ‘uts’ut’en (We all work together) for Water that features our water monitoring training course with the Binche Whu’ten First Nation on their traditional territory in BC’s Nechako Watershed in September 2020, please take two minutes to do so. Kimberley-based filmmaker Mark Locki transformed our rough video footage into this beautiful piece that was shortlisted for a Let’s Talk About Water Film

Festival prize. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ku71mICUHdE

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