Recently installed in Kaslo’s Legacy Park, the colourful spherical sculpture by William Frymire, is thought-provoking.

“Reflect and Connect” focuses on our interconnectedness and how individual perspectives shape our experiences,” reads the description of Frymire’s piece. “The textures and images on the orb represent personal viewpoints that cloud, or colour, our ability to see the world, represented by a reflective stainless steel orb.”

Walking around the orb, this physical “point of confluence”, allows viewers to investigate the centerpoint from different perspectives, inviting interaction and exploration with the various shapes, colors and textures motifs that have been engraved into the acrylic panels. The wow factor comes when the viewer looks inside the orb, as it transforms the experience to something that feels more like virtual reality and lets the viewer take in all the viewpoints at once.

The human-scaled piece stands six feet tall and the globe is three feet in diameter.