Have you ever had a friend or relative die and wished you could have kept them at home for a day or two, to take care of the body yourself and say your farewells without pressure? Be reassured, you can.
It’s Dead Easy! Green Burial is the first in a series on thoughtful, creative responses to death and dying. You are invited to a community conversation put on by the Hospice Society of North Kootenay Lake, Saturday, February 22 from 1 to 3 pm at the Kaslo Seniors Centre, 312 4th Street.
The conversation will be about how to make your own or a family member’s (or pet’s) death and burial a meaningful part of life. You can build closeness and connection in the life event of death. Hospice wants to support you to make the creative, personal responses to death you want.
Several local people will speak to their experiences of taking care of the last remains of dear ones. We’ll look at some of the new ecological practices to broaden our scope and build comfort with the topic. This is not a discussion against the use of funeral homes, but a wide discussion about heart satisfying ways to take care of the bodies of our dear ones. We hope you will bring your thoughts about how to connect to the natural cycle of life and bring beauty and significance to a difficult time.
– Hospice Society of North Kootenay Lake