On June 21st, in celebration of the National Indigenous Peoples’ Day, the Community Housing Transformation Centre is happy to introduce its Indigenous Internship Program.

Across Canada, the Indigenous community housing sector faces the daily challenge of finding Indigenous individuals with training to lead their organizations. This lack of human resource capacity with appropriate cultural and technical knowledge is a significant obstacle to growing and maintaining Indigenous community housing.

The Centre’s internship program is aimed directly at alleviating this situation. It will increase access to financial resources and support services including those of the Centre.

Interns wanted

The Centre is looking for Indigenous applicants who are 30 years of age or less, recently graduated and interested in a career in community housing or already working in the sector and would like to further develop their skills.

At the end of the internship, interns will bring new skills, education, and perspective back to their host organization or be equipped to seek out leadership opportunities in the sector. The Centre is also committed to opening at least one position within its own operations at the end of the first year of the program.

Coach wanted

Coaching and support are critical components of the project. A full-time Indigenous coach with expertise in community-based housing will be responsible for implementing the program at the Centre. The coach will be available to provide culturally appropriate guidance to interns and will serve as a reference to help interns establish and achieve their individual professional development goals throughout the internship.

To learn more about these opportunities, contact us at info@centre.support

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