Many of us dread the pressure to do a major clean of your home at this time of year. Although it’s a great way to boost your confidence and gain pride in your space, it can feel like a lot to take on. In fact, according to a recent survey commissioned by Libman, a quarter of all respondents admitted that spring cleaning overwhelms them.  Fortunately, there are some steps you can take to make cleaning less distressing.

Plan your attack

It doesn’t matter where you start or end your spring cleaning so long as you create a rough plan before you begin. That way it’s easier to stay on task and avoid getting overwhelmed since you know what you’ve done and where you’ll clean next.

Be realistic about the time you need for each task, and don’t be afraid to schedule some of the larger ones across separate days. This will give you more breathing room, so you’re not stressed out trying to complete an impossible list in one go.

Get ready to compete

Whatever you can do to up the fun when it comes to cleaning is fair game. It could be as elaborate as a family wide competition for the most streak-free windows cleaned or as simple as putting on your favourite tunes. Keeping your mood up and your pace moving will take your mind off how much more you still need to accomplish, and it will help you finish faster.

Reject perfection

Hailed as a time to refresh and reset, spring cleaning sometimes feels like the one chance to get your home in order for the rest of the year. But if that feeling leaves you overwhelmed, remember that any cleaning you get done is better than not cleaning at all; it doesn’t have to be done perfectly.

Assemble your tools

Having the right tools on hand helps ensure you’ll get the job done with confidence. So, do an inventory of your supplies and stock up before you begin. Look for environmentally sustainable supplies and tools that are built with ergonomics and efficiency in mind.