Between assignments, tests and exams, school can be overwhelming for anyone, but it can be particularly challenging for kids living with ADHD. After all, the condition doesn’t just impact a student during the day, symptoms can last into the evening, making studying as tough as staying focused in class.

While everyone’s ADHD presents differently, some common signs include difficulty maintaining attention for long periods of time, being easily distracted, an inability to relax, difficulty prioritizing and struggling to stay on task. To help your child with ADHD succeed in school, try these tips:

Start early: Work with your student to create a longer-term studying plan. Being able to break up the studying into shorter, more frequent sessions can help maximize focus.

Plan of attack: Create a daily study schedule and keep it in a spot the whole family will see every day. Work together to ensure that your kid stays on track.

Find the zen: Work together to carve out an ideal study spot in your home where they can get to work without distractions.

Set reminders: It can be easy to be taken off task. Set reminders and timers to keep students on track and remind them when it’s time to take a break.

Fuel the body: While your child’s brain is working hard, it’s important to keep their body hydrated and fueled. Consider prepping some study-friendly healthy snacks – like nuts or berries – ahead of time so they are easily accessible.

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