Two engaging new exhibits are now on display in the Langham galleries continuing the 2022 art season in the historic Langham building in Kaslo.

In the Main Gallery, textile artist Bettina Matzkuhn’s exhibit Gear examines the human presence in the backcountry through deconstructing old outdoor equipment and reconstructing it with the addition of embroidered imagery. Gear features interactive pieces which viewers can open to find hidden embroidered landscapes revealing the artists response to the role of outdoor gear in the consumption, promotion and diminishment of natural spaces.

Of this work, Bettina says, “I construct these pieces using mostly recycled outdoor fabrics: ripstop nylon, webbing, closures, etc. Through creating repurposed gear that enmeshes my memories, I am creating a space of protection, while acknowledging the materials that protect me also harm the environments that I cherish.”

And in the Langham Lobby Gallery we present Nelson-based emerging artist Branda Christoffersen’s new body of work Violent Femme, exploring her path through womanhood. Using line and color she investigates love, rejection, and becoming a mother. 

“Some emotions and heartaches seem almost violent and that is what I am exploring. I went way out of my comfort zone with this work, exploring the dark side of myself… The weight associated with life’s events, in the matter of the heart especially, just never go away. I made some of this work visceral in colour and form to bring forth my deep cuts.”

Gallery hours are Thursdays-Sundays 1 – 4 pm. Both shows run through July 17.  

The Langham