The City of Trail, in collaboration with the Community Safety Task Force and Interior Health (IH), is pleased to announce the receipt of a $7,200 Community Wellness and Harm Reduction Grant from the Community Action Initiative (CAI). Within the mandate of the CAI, they provide support for community-led projects focusing on mental health and substance use issues in British Columbia. The IH will lead the delivery of a planned initiative in conjunction with the Community Safety Task Force and will use the funding to enhance local programming that focuses on community safety education in the areas of increasing compassion and reducing the stigma for community members with substance use disorders.

“We are very appreciative of this grant funding,” said Mayor Lisa Pasin. “The task force has been working hard to develop engaging and meaningful community programs and campaigns to provide education in harm reduction, stigma and discrimination awareness, overdose prevention and sharps management. Now that the funding is in place, the IH and Community Safety Task Force will meet to discuss future plans as part of developing and delivering of the programs to the community.”

About the Community Safety Task Force: Trail’s Community Safety Task Force consists of a multidisciplinary group of individuals to help manage safety and security as a high priority. This committee provides input to Council on matters impacting community safety and on strategies to prevent and reduce crime in the community. Membership on the committee includes a broad cross section of individuals with a vested interest in community safety.  Read more on the city’s website,

– City of Trail