This four-seasons backyard playground we call home has produced worldclass athletes, built a tourism economy, and hosts adventurers from around the world year after year. This November, the Nelson Museum, Archives & Gallery presents Elevation – an ambitious exhibition exploring the vast expanse of the mountains in the Kootenays. The art/history exhibition is a celebration, but also explores the resounding environmental impact, the elitism of mountain sports, land and resource use, and more. The show opens on Friday, November 24 at 7pm.
“Elevation presents a balanced approach to understanding mountain life, and the highs and lows – the peaks and valleys – of living in and interacting with such a formidable landscape,” says Nelson Museum Curator Arin Fay. “There is so much to be grateful for, but also so much that is taken for granted.” Elevation views mountain life through many lenses, including geology, history, sports, art, climate change, and environmental activism.”
The exhibition features a showstopper art piece by Tyler Toews, photography by Sinixt photographer Derrick J. LaMere, contributions from Eileen Delehanty Pearkes, Douglas Noblet, and other community contributors, and was heavily researched by co-curator Darren Davidson and Museum Research Intern Sam McGuire. Elevation is the third in a series of community-supported art/history convergence exhibitions. It follows the same model as 2018’s award-winning exhibition Mountain Bike Retrospective, and The Grow Show in 2021, which also has a publication slated for release in spring 2024. For more information please visit

Nelson Museum, Archives & Gallery