The province’s water management branch has declared drought level 4 in the Lower Columbia region due to lower than normal stream flow, lack of rain, and very warm temperatures. In order to conserve water, their recommended action is to voluntarily reduce water usage by 50%.

Here is what the City is doing to help:

Reducing watering times in some City parks and green spaces by 50%. Although this may result in brown grass in some areas, the City deems it more important to preserve water during this time.

Here is what you can do to help:

Reduce the amount of lawn watering with conventional methods (a hose and sprinkler head) by 50%.

Run automatic sprinklers for 15 minutes per zone rather than the permitted 30 minutes per zone.

 Continue to refrain from wetting down sidewalks and driveways.

 Repair or replace leaky faucets, worn toilet flapper and fill valves, shower heads, and leaky irrigation lines.

The City of Trail thanks you in advance for your cooperation in helping us preserve this precious resource, and reminds you that water conservation is a global concern.

For more information, contact the City of Trail’s Public Works department at 250-364-0840 or

City of Trail