Author Kate Braid: Photo Rachel Lenkowski.
BC environmental author and activist Nancy Holmes, BC women-in-trades poet and memoirist Kate Braid and Alberta wilderness writer and singer-songwriter Sid Marty will headline this year’s Convergence Writers’ Weekend, in Silverton June 12 and 13.
This year’s theme is ‘Story as Resistance’. Talks by the featured authors on the theme will occur on the Friday night, June 12, at 7 pm which will also offer a musical performance by Marty. The Friday night event is open to the public; admission for non-registrants is $12. Convergence registrants, besides attending the Friday event, will participate in one of two Saturday writing workshops offered by Braid and Holmes. Registrants will also take part in a Saturday evening group consideration of the theme.
“This year’s theme grew out of the question, ‘How do the stories we tell in person and in our writing advance social and environmental justice?’,” said Convergence Writers’ Weekend co-ordinator Claire Paradis. “The Convergence organizing committee formulated six further questions that explore aspects of the theme, questions that we’d like participants to reflect on, not least in their writing.”
The six questions are posted on the Convergence website, Paradis said. “We’re lucky to have the chance to hear this year from three highly accomplished and widely published authors who each in their own way have grappled with issues that this year’s Convergence will tackle.”
Registration is now open for the 7th annual event, to be held at the Silverton Memorial Hall, 203 Lake Avenue, Highway 6. More information, including how to register, is available at
– Tom Wayman