November 10, 2020. The City of Nelson is aware of confirmed COVID-19 cases in the immediate region and as such is moving to the next level of response in our COVID-19 Safety Plan. Following the guidance of Dr. Bonnie Henry, who has strongly urged the public to wear a mask when out in public, the City of Nelson now requires the public to wear a face-covering or mask when visiting city-owned/operated buildings and facilities.
“As we head into winter and the risk of COVID-19 in our community and our organization increases, it has become clear we need to take additional steps to ensure the safety of the public and our staff as they do business in our buildings,” says Mayor Dooley. “The work we do at the city is an essential service, and it is critically important that our crews and frontline staff maintain good health. I want to thank the public for wearing a mask and helping safeguard our staff so that they can continue their good work.”
The following exceptions to the city’s face covering policy include:
• Children under age 2.
• Those who have difficulty breathing.
• People who suffer from illnesses or disabilities that make it difficult to put on or take off a face covering.
The City of Nelson strongly encourages the public to use a face covering when out in public, especially when a safe distance of 2 metres cannot be maintained. It is also important to wear a face-covering when you are sick and interacting with others at home or if you are caring for someone sick at home.
For additional information on face covers and masks, please visit…/covid-19/prevention-risks/masks