Staff at the Regional District of Kootenay Boundary (RDKB) are celebrating after bringing back a prestigious 2023 Safety Improvement Award from this year’s BC Municipal Safety Conference.
The accolade recognises the RDKB’s transformational efforts in improving safety practices, experience ratings, and most importantly, reducing injuries, illnesses, diseases, and fatalities within its community.
Colin MacAskill, RDKB’s Safety Advisor, who joined the organization in 2022, highlights the significance of the award, stating, “This was a team achievement and the recognition reinforces the RDKB’s continual improvement in health and safety.”
Award eligibility was open to any local government within BC, encompassing cities, villages, townships, districts, municipalities, and regional districts. A reduction of 15 percentage points or more in safety incidents over the past four years was required, with the current experience rating no greater than +20%.